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Care response score: 9.1

We are proud of our Care Response Score of 9.1. This was formed on 492 completed surveys during the last 3 months.

At Podotherapy van der Pas you can go for over 25 years for all your foot and gait problems, back, knee and hip problems. We manufacture therapeutic soles, sports and children's soles.

Direct Access Podiatry: you do not need a referral from your GP

Common foot problems

  • Complaints to the feet and/or legs due to improper positioning of the feet
  • Complaints in; athletes, diabetics (diabetes) and rheumatism, children
  • Overuse or fatigue complaints
  • Back, knee or hip pain due to incorrect foot position and/or gait pattern

Modern techniques

In practice, investigations are carried out with the latest technological developments. A 2D and 3D computerized pressure measurement platform is used.

Our handmade and 3D scanned therapeutic soles are manufactured in our own laboratory in our headquarters in Leidschendam, which allows us to guarantee high quality and fast delivery guarantee.

Podiatry and podiatry are often reimbursed from your supplementary package and do not come at the expense of your deductible.